My name is Misty Wainwright and I have been designing flower arrangements for over 25 years. Even earlier than that, I can remember picking wildflowers on camping trips and arranging them for the picnic table. At age 16, I started working in a floral shop.

This is where I worked heavily in customer service and learned how to care for and create beautiful arrangements. During my college years, I actually became a Botany teacher’s assistant. How ironic is that? I already knew my love for plants was ingrained in me. I continued to work for florists during college, learning all sorts of techniques and design style.

After college, I spent about 10 years working for a Healthcare company but continued to immerse myself in Interior Design courses. Eventually, I made the scary leap to quit my corporate job and start my new adventure. I established Rosebud Floral Designs in 2014 and I couldn’t be happier how all has turned out. I am truly blessed and thankful each day!

If you decide Rosebud Floral Designs is the right choice for you, then here’s what to expect next:

  1. Phone meeting: I want to know what items are important to you! We’ll go over your color palette, discuss what flowers are in season and choose accordingly
  2. Deposit and Contract: I require a small non-refundable deposit and a one page contract.
  3. Venue meeting: We will meet in person at your venue (if allowed) or a convenient location for both parties. Please note; weekends are super tough for me to meet but not impossible.
  4. We’ll discuss any new updates/questions you have for me along the way until your wedding date. We’ll do this mostly by phone and email
  5. Items are finalized about 3-4 weeks from your wedding date.
  6. Your invoice is created for your final payment due 2 weeks before your wedding date.